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About Our Company

Blue Jeep rentalA frequent email we receive is one asking if we are “real”.

Island Rental Cars™ in Kauai is neither unreal nor too good to be true.

We are a small company, and happily admit that we love Hawaii. We want others to enjoy it as we do. Providing “aloha” through affordable transportation to visitors and locals is one of the ways we make this happen.

The friendly partnership we’ve forged with major rental companies is a mutual working relationship. They say they appreciate our volume  and customer service so, in return, are encouraged to provide us with great rates.

As you’ll find, from looking around this website, we’ve been renting vehicles on the islands of Maui, Oahu, Kauai and The Big Island of Hawaii since 2004. We are “real” and our rental rates are the lowest you’ll find on the Internet. Although one of the “big box” Internet-based, travel reservation websites attempted to shut us down, we prevailed due to our great relationship with our rental car partners.

Customer Service is important to us. The comments you make on our Contact Form are personally seen to by a reservation specialist. If you have questions that our FAQ page doesn’t address, we encourage you to contact us via email or our 800 number.

Much Aloha-
Island Rental Cars in Kauai