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Rent a Jeep and Save Money

Jeep rental for the Islands is a runaway success.

Jeep Wranglers have been the most popular,
with the Jeep Cherokee Laredo being the second.
We believe the convertible nature of the
Wrangler is what sets these two apart.

Don't forget:
No additional fee for spouse as driver.
Up to two additional drivers free.

No Pre-pay:
We only want to know what kind of debit card
(needs to have a Visa or MC logo) or credit card
you will be using.

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Note: Jeeps and especially Jeep Wranglers are in high demand during peak travel seasons. Reserve now and rest easy knowing you have one of our Jeeps secured for your travels. And remember, you can specify your color preference when filling out the reservation form. Thank you- Island Rental Cars.