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The Islands of Hawaii (why you’ll enjoy having an island car rental)

There are several ways to see the Hawaiian Islands.  However “seeing” and “experiencing” are not necessarily synonymous. We believe, not just because we rent them, that an island rental car is the only way to fully experience the islands’ unique qualities.

Hawaiian IslandsYou’ll no doubt talk to travelers who want to be met at the airport by a resort shuttle, whisked to their lodgings, and never leave the grounds until they depart for home.  Visitors who book a vacation tour will spend their tightly scheduled time visiting only popular bus-accessible tourist stops.

If you prefer to take an early morning boat tour, visit a quiet beach, stop at a local crafts shop,  follow signs to an unanticipated waterfall, or stay late at a romantic restaurant, then buses and shuttles are not for you.

What do you expect to do on your vacation?  Will you be happy with an economy car, need a Jeep for the rougher roads, enjoy a convertible for moonlit nights, or require a van that can haul gear and passengers?  We encourage you to take a minute to read about each island as you consider booking your rental vehicle.

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